Lately when we think of movie heroes, we think of the superheroes that populate the Marvel Cinematic Universe and DC's upcoming film slate, but the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences reminds us that heroes come in many shapes and sizes. 'Captain America 2' star Chris Evans took the 2014 Oscars stage Sunday night to honor all of them in an adrenaline-pumping heroes montage.

From "Girl on Fire" Katniss Everdeen in 'The Hunger Games,' to Cap himself, and to even a fledgling Harry Potter, we've been privy to some of the most beloved heroes to grace the silver screen. They've given us action-packed battles and kick-ass one-lines, and the 2014 Oscars combined both these elements for one entertaining tribute video that'll surely throw any movie geek into a tizzy.

While this Oscars' heroes montage paid tribute to not just the superheroes and the action stars, Cate Blanchett echoed one of the video's underlying messages in her acceptance speech for Best Actress later on in the night -- don't forget about the ladies! "... And perhaps those of us in the industry who still foolishly cling to the idea that female films, with women at the center, are niche experiences. They are not. Audiences want to see them, and, in fact, they earn money."

The 2014 Oscars aired live on ABC this past Sunday, March 2, as hosted by Ellen DeGeneres.

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