There are 7 Incredible places around Indiana that were once part of the Underground Railroad.  One of those places include an historical home in Evansville that's now for sale!  

Willard Carpenter used his home known as "The Carpenter House" as part of Indiana's  Underground Railroad.  The home played an important role before the Civil War broke out and was one of the very first stops fleeing slaves would seek refuge when reaching Indiana's borders.  A stone tunnel was built to lead slaves to Carpenter's basement where they could hide until they were ready to be moved further up north.

The property is located in downtown Evansville, IN, at 413 Carpenter Street and it's up for sale.  *To view pictures, click the highlighted "up for sale" in previous sentence.

The Carpenter House, Evansville; Facebook
The Carpenter House, Evansville; Facebook

Willard Carpenter is also known for building one of the town's first railroads and The Willard Library which is still in operation today. Willard Carpenter is buried in Oak Hill Cemetery.

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