I understand it's common to find things in your garage that you don't expect or forgot about. However, an Illinois family was more than a little surprised when they found an endangered lemur hiding in theirs.

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I saw this story on Yahoo News about a Bloomington, Illinois family and...a lemur. This happened on January 11, 2023 based on a post by the Miller Park Zoo Facebook post which explained how the frightened lemur ended up in their care.

It appears that no one still knows the origins of the lemur. The Lemur Conservation Society says it's not legal to keep a lemur as a pet just about any place especially in Illinois. Since the ring-tailed lemur is native to Madagascar, it's not likely this little guy hopped on a ship with the intent to vacation in Illinois.

The Miller Park Zoo and authorities are trying to figure out where this lemur came from. It's worth remembering that lemurs can be very unpredictable animals and while they may be cute, they can also inflict some severe harm to humans.

The good news is that the lemur appears to be in good health and is now in the hands of people that know how to manage him. As for the owner, the law is looking for them for good reason.

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