A pair of women were arrested for fighting at a popular fast-food restaurant in Illinois.

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Street Fighting Is Not Fun And It Hurts

I want to start out by saying that I'm not talking about organized fighting like boxing or martial arts. Those are perfectly fine activities. There is training and discipline involved. Participants know what they are doing and can protect themselves from getting hurt.

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I'm highly against street fighting. You know the act of two normal people just getting angry and trying to seriously hurt each other. I'm not proud to say that I was in a couple of brawls when I was young. It's kind of embarrassing to think about now. By the way, getting punched doesn't feel good. If you've never been hit in the face by a fist, I suggest avoiding it at all costs because that really hurts a lot.

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Getting Arrested Is Not Recommended

I also strongly recommended not getting arrested. It could end up costing up a lot of money and even time in jail. That's not going to look good on a resume. Anytime you get in a brawl with someone, there's always that chance of legal issues. Especially, if you hurt your opponent.


Guys Are Obsessed With Girl Fights

Women fighting doesn't happen as often as men so when it occurs, the brawl catches everyone's attention. Dudes are obsessed with girl fights. I guess they have a fantasy about it. I believe ladies are much too smart to throw punches. Well, most of the time.


Girl Fight At Portillo's In Illinois

Since Portillo's is a famous and popular fast-food chain in Illinois, it's always busy. You've just got to have a little bit of patience and the food will come shortly. Unfortunately, customers sometimes get a little hangry. That causes frustration which of course they will take out on a poor unexpecting victim. Then bad stuff happens.

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According to patch.com,

Two Franklin Park women were charged last week after being involved in a fight at Portillo's in Elmhurst, police said.


Police said they responded to a fight in progress about 9 p.m. Friday at the restaurant, 155 S. Route 83. The women admitted to being involved, police said.

Too bad cooler heads didn't take over. Instead of enjoying their tasty Italian Beef, they were in the back of a cop car.

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