As a child, I had almost an irrational fear of getting kidnapped from my house. As crazy as it sounds, I would fall asleep figuring out where I would hide if someone came into the house to get me.

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I've told the story before of how my dad would try to ease my tears by assuring me that if someone ever did take me, they would bring me back right away. Somehow, what he said made me feel less anxious. Now, I realize he was just teasing me. But, it worked, and that's all that mattered.

I think I became scared of being taken from my family because I would see stories of abduction on the news. It's a scary part of being out and about in the world with strangers. Even though we wish everyone was good, we know some people aren't.

Teaching our kids stranger danger is something we have to do. We want to keep them safe. I remember when my kids were little they brought home a little booklet that was meant to keep their information like a  photo, eye color, hair color, fingerprints, and more.

It was a great thing to have in case the unthinkable happened. The family could give the booklet to the authorities to aid in their search.

When I think about it, it makes sense for all of us to have something to help if we ever go missing. Not just kids, but all of us.

What is an If I Go Missing...binder?

Thanks to the insanely popular podcast Crime Junkie, binders are being made for adults to collect their data and store it away in case they ever go missing. The binders and the thought behind them are going viral. 

Take a look at an In Case I Go Missing...binder.

The binders can hold DNA samples, fingerprints, handwriting samples, dental records, blood type, and medical history. You can also put photos of tattoos, scars, and birthmarks.

It's suggested that you put all your passwords for websites and apps, birth certificates, licenses, information on current and past relationships, names of friends, family members, coworkers, past addresses, wills, and on and on.

Little Black Bats/Etsy
Little Black Bats/Etsy

The binders are available on Amazon and Etsy.


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