Sometimes in you life you come across some pretty incredible people. For me, one of those people is Jasper IN teacher, Brent Seibert.

I met him over twenty years ago when our paths crossed at Princeton Community High School. He was a first year math teacher and my then husband was a new business teacher.

Brent was one of those people who really loved teaching and loved kids. He would go our of his way to make math fun, right down to his silly math t-shirts.

He is all about his family and community, so it doesn't surprise me a bit that he is part of a group what works to help feed children and the hungry. Now, with the hep of the their new grill, they are also able help other local charities make the much needed money they need to help the community, too. is a Dubois County IN, based organization that is headed to Mayfield, KY to help in the best way they know how and that is, grill.

How you can help.

What is Community CHEW?

Community CHEW is a non-profit in Dubois County that focuses on helping feed kids during the gaps in school.  We provide food on the weekends to students during the school year.  We also provide free family activities with food throughout the summer as well.  Every six months, we provide a weeks worth of groceries to our students and their families to help them.  These are always right before spring break and Fall Break to make sure no kid goes without food.

Since obtaining CHEW's community grill, we have cooked for many different groups.  We provided free meals all throughout Dubois County this past summer to anyone who wanted to eat.  We have also helped by doing the cooking for pork chop fundraisers for individuals who needed help with medical bills as well as local sports teams. The goal is to expand and cook even more now that we have a year of grilling under our belts.

When I talked to Brent, he wanted to be sure and thank those who helped the group get their grill.

The grill came about after I worked with Kevin Whitten in Princeton.  He runs God's Grill and my family volunteered feeding in areas around Evansville. The local community was fantastic in its support of helping purchase the grill.  Dr. Dan Eby and the Memorial Outpatient Surgery Center doctors played a huge role in us being able to purchase our grill.

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