Indiana residents could find themselves stuck holding a substantial bill if fireworks damage their home.

That’s because state officials are reporting that many homeowners and renters insurance policies do not cover damaged sustained from fireworks that have been deemed “illegal” in their area.

According to the Indiana Department of Insurance, most insurance policies come with disclaimers that makes coverage invalid if the damage is caused by illegal acts.

So, blowing the roof off your house with some Black Cat nuclear assault rocket, banned in 48 states, will likely not be covered. However, damage caused by a careless neighbor's illegal fireworks arsenal may stand a chance of seeing a payout.

Insurance Commissioner Stephen Robertson warns that people should not only review their county’s laws, but also make sure they understand their coverage.

Fireworks were responsible for nearly 18,000 fires and 10,000 injuries in 2011, according to statistics from the National Fire Prevention Association.

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