A teacher at Jimtown High School in Elkhart, IN, faces formal criminal charges for assaulting a student, causing moderate injuries.

Jimtown High School Teacher Strikes Student

Shocking surveillance footage shows 61-year-old Mike Hosinski following a student down a hallway where he then grabs the student’s backpack and forces him into a wall. Hosinski then slaps the student across the face, causing his head to hit a wall. The student required immediate medical treatment for abrasions in his mouth and a lump on the head. Reportedly, the incident followed a confrontation over a hoodie that the student was wearing.

The Indiana Department of Child Services and the Elkhart County Sherriff Department were immediately prompted to investigate.

Jimtown High School's Response to the Incident

In a press release, Baugo Community School District states:

“The teacher, Mike Hosinski, is no longer employed by Baugo Community Schools and is not permitted on school grounds. Any action that threatens to harm any student will be quickly, directly, and severely addressed.”

Many Showed Support for the Teacher

At a school board meeting held on February 28th, students and parents showed up in support of the Social Studies teacher. Many blame the school’s administration for the incident.

According to WNDU, one student said, “In my four years of being here, I have watched the discipline decline. Each year students become more rebellious and treat our high school staff poorly.”

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One parent stated, “The kid has reportedly been expelled from Concord, from Elkhart Schools and from Jimtown Schools for the first semester. He came back in January and has been sent to the office 30 times.”

There are also several people who think Mr. Hosinski should face harsh consequences for striking a student.

Elkhart County Sheriff's Office
Elkhart County Sheriff's Office

What Will the Future Hold for Mr. Hosinkski?

Following the meeting, Hosinski was offered a retirement package, including full benefits and pension.

On March 4th, a judge found probable cause to charge Hosinski with battery resulting in bodily injury. If convicted, Hosinski may face up to one year in prison and a fine of up to $5,000. His hearing is set for Friday, March 10th.

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