The next time you plan a trip to the Smoky Mountains, you could stay in your standard cabin in the woods, OR you could stay in a magical place called The Forgotten Forest. If you are a fan of wizards, elves, witches or fairies, I'm about to make that decision a no-brainer.

The Forgotten Forest

Smoky Mountain National Forest is already magical and breath-taking on its own. With parks, hiking trails, waterfalls, and wildlife that feels right out of a fairy tale. Like this hidden gem that is literally called the Hidden House of Fairies.

In Sevier County just miles from Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge attractions is a beautiful community of AirBNBs and short-term rentals inspired by Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and other fantasy stories. The Forgotten Forest warns, "Travelers beware! The spellbinding allure may mean you never want to leave. The Forest is open to those with a mind for a fantasy. Feel free to dress in cosplay when wandering the site. No real weapons allowed."

Wizard's Trolley AirBNB

How cool is that?! Perfect for kids young and old to retreat into your favorite books and movies for a one-of-a-kind getaway. Here is a video of the Wizard's Trolley. A play on the Knight Bus from the third Harry Potter story, Prisoner of Azkaban. Here is a sneak peek video tour. It looks SO AWESOME!

So many amazing details like the cloaks by the door and the toilet seat in the bathroom that may or may not transport you to the Ministry of Magic.

Three Wizard's AirBNB

Here are a couple of videos of the Three Wizard's house. First, how incredible does this look at night time!? It looks like something right off Diagon Alley.


@anntheadventurer When we arrived a few hours before dark, we didn’t notice some of the magical things in the window box until it lit up at dusk. It’s pure magic here, and I love magic! #travel#traveltiktok#unique#forest#fantasy#wizard#airbnb#tennessee#harrypotter#harrypottertiktok#creative#fy#foryou#wizardingworld#wanderlust#hogwarts#hobbit#lordoftherings#lotr#gandalf#merlin @Bigfoot Cabins @The Forgotten Forest @airbnb ♬ Sparkling Magic - Christy Carew

 And then the inside is all decked out with flags from the different Hogwart's houses, witchy wallpaper and furniture, and I love the Slytherin room with all of the snakes. So many great little details in this house too.

@anntheadventurer Replying to @Angela Moncelle Here you go! #travel#traveltiktok#unique#forest#fantasy#wizard#airbnb#tennessee#harrypotter#harrypottertiktok#unique#creative#fy#foryou#wizardingworld#wanderlust#hogwarts#hobbit#lordoftherings#lotr#gandalf#merlin#legend#story#book#movie @Bigfoot Cabins @The Forgotten Forest @airbnb ♬ Dark fairy tale song like wonderland(1093965) - Beemyu


You can learn all about the Forgotten Forest and the twenty-one plus rentals and landmarks in this magical land of the Great Smoky Mountains here on their website.

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