A few years ago, WBKR in Owensboro, KY hosted a popular bus tour called Hell on Wheels. We loaded up a 56-seat charter bus and headed off to experience some of the scariest haunts in the Commonwealth. Among them- Louisville's long-running Haunted Hotel and the most award-winning haunt in Kentucky- The Devil's Attic.

The final stop on that year's tour was located about an hour outside of Louisville. Hell on Wheels drove to Bonnieville, Kentucky so our passengers could experience Hollow of Unrest.

I helped organize the Hell on Wheels stops that year. I had heard of Hollow of Unrest and was somewhat familiar with its reputation of being a popular haunt, but I had no idea what to expect when we drove the charter bus through the woods to get there. But never mind what I expected. What we got was unlike anything I could have imagined.

To give you a glimpse in the "acres of tormented souls", check out the Hollow of Unrest's official trailer from seven years ago.

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As good as that trailer is, it doesn't come close to matching the terror you'll encounter at the haunt.

The night we visited, we were broken into groups of about five or six people. My good friend Bradley DeHart was in my group. To say that Bradley scares easily is an understatement. He goes from zero to terrified and screaming with one jump scare.

As we stood in line, a member of the Hollow of Unrest crew essentially 'interviewed' us to see which member of our group had the most trepidation about embarking our journey into the hollow. Without a doubt, we all pointed to Bradley.  What we didn't know at the time was that the team member was going to send Bradley's name to the all the other actors in the haunt.

When we emerged from the barn where the haunt starts and we stared out into the fog-covered hollow, we could hear whispers in the dark. "Braaaaaaaadley.  Braaaaaaaaadley."

I don't want to give much else away. Just know that the Hollow of Unrest took us 45 minutes to get through. We were truly thrust into a hollow where shadows raced across the night, killer clowns chased us with a variety of blunt instruments and scares lurked around nearly every foggy twist and turn. It was a thrilling conclusion to Hell on Wheels. For Bradley, it was nearly the conclusion of his vocal cords. He screamed for 45 minutes straight.

I say all the to share this, the Hollow of Unrest just announced its return! After being closed for a couple of years, the popular haunt just shared the news- Resurrection 2023! And they've shared their season dates and hours of operation.

Hollow of Unrest/Facebook
Hollow of Unrest/Facebook

Trust me on this. I'm someone who's been in a lot of haunted attractions in this state and beyond. The Hollow of Unrest is a blast.

Hollow of Unrest is located at 151 James Ragland Road in Bonnieville, Kentucky.

For more information, you can check out their official Facebook page.

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