If you're like any red-blooded American male, you've been thinking, "Hey, I'd really like to see a gruesome kayak polo injury." Well, your wait is over.

In this video, from 2014, two players from opposing teams scramble for the ball after it's tossed into the water. Which player wins? Well, you tell us after watching this vicious hit.

There are many, many questions we have after watching this. Who in their right mind would play this game? Do you need to wear vests? Did they invent it only after realizing you couldn't get horses in the pool for water polo?

There have been several questions about the safety of football players in recent years, but this blow is about as awful as any receiver is going to take while going across the middle of the field.

Here's hoping this guy was okay and regained consciousness to find out kayak polo is still -- and will probably never be -- an Olympic sport.

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