You've heard the old saying "up a creek without a paddle" well one Kentucky Limousine Driver found himself up a creek without a paddle but he did have a pole LOL.


Angel here and in my 40 plus years of life I like to say I have about heard it all when it comes to bad driving.  Anyone who knows me knows my driving record isn't exactly A+. Not that I like to admit it but I have had several wrecks and not like regular wrecks like go big or go home wrecks.  A few speeding tickets and I may or may not have forgotten to get my tags and registration a time or too (these stories are for another time).  But one guy from Pulaski County, Kentucky, makes me look like a driving pro.


I've had some pretty notable wrecks.  When I was sixteen I hit a gas pump at a gas station (my brakes went out), in college I put my mom's station wagon in the back of a parked pick-up truck, and the last wreck I had was the back car in an eight-car pile-up.  I don't joke lightly about these but use them as an example to say I have seen and experienced a LOT!

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However, I have never seen something like what Brenda Mason posted to her Facebook page;

To my friends or family that don’t live in bourbon county, I’ve got a good one for you!! It seems as though someone driving a limo with a stripper pole attached to the trunk, lost control and plunged into a small creek on New Years Day!!! (Probably early hours) he escaped the car and ran off.

I feel like I can say I have now heard it all.  I have several questions though "I wonder who was using the stripper pole?  Did you notice the spotlights on the back?  I hope no one was using the pole while the car was in motion!

If you want a good laugh head to The Somerset Insider FB page.  It's a satire page and the comments for this story are HYSTERICAL.

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