Every year, we have to get new registration decal stickers for our vehicles. Depending on the year, make, model of your car, and state you live in, the new stickers can be pretty pricey. With that comes a chance they could get stolen.

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If your sticker did get stolen, you might not even know it until you get stopped by the police for expired plates. Here is what you need to do every year to protect your sticker from getting stolen.

How do I keep my car stickers from being stolen?

According to KSHB,
Police recommend getting a sharp object, such as a razor blade, and making an X on the sticker, making it harder for someone to steal. It's also recommended to peel off any old stickers before replacing the new ones and get a license plate cover to protect those tags

I also found this vision of what to do on Instagram.

How much is a replacement license plate sticker in Indiana, Kentucky, and Illinois?

According to ETags,

 In Indiana,
The standard fee for replacing an Indiana license plate, registration certificate, or decal is $9.50. The Bureau of Motor Vehicles or BMV has multiple locations across the state that include a 24-hour service kiosk.
In Kentucky,
Replacement decals are $3.00, and if you use the notary services of the County Clerk’s office, there is an additional $3 charge.

In Illinois,

The replacement license plate fee is $6 for a single plate and $9 for a pair; the replacement sticker is $20. If a single plate and sticker are required, the fee is $26.

Although it's not expensive to replace your registration sticker decal, it is a pain in the butt to have to take the time to replace it. So, get those knives or box cutters and slice them up.

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