I love lifehacks! And I have seen from videos/in person some of the life hacks Dave Spencer has posted, and thought they were very cool. So, since I was filling in for him this afternoon, I thought I would try my hand at a lifehack.

This one I happened to see a earlier this week and thought a it could come in handy at some point. It is how to turn a tie a necktie so it looks like a bow tie. I personally like bow ties, but for the life of me, even after watching dozens of how to videos, I cannot figure out how to tie one. So when I want a bow tie, I have to opt for a clip-on or one of those pre-tied things with the strap that goes around your neck.

While this one isn't as neat or perfect looking as a clip-on or pre-tied one, it still serves the purpose. Now the one in the picture was tied this morning and I must say looks a little more authentic than the one in the video, but with a little work, the one in the video ended up looking pretty good.

So in case you ever need it, here is how to tie a necktie to look like a bow tie!


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