The adorable little girl is sticking to her story that she absolutely DID NOT write her name on the cat, despite the damning evidence.

AnneMarie Van Meter says she was folding laundry when her oldest daughter went into the kitchen to put away the towels in the kitchen and noticed her little sister, Amielle was drawing on the cat.

Amielle's sister quietly informed her mother about what she saw in the kitchen, so AnneMarie grabbed her phone and prepared to video the interesting confrontation that was sure to come.

When she walked into the kitchen she noticed that Amielle was coloring the side of the cat. She also noticed the name "Amielle" was written on the other side of the family pet who was rather calm despite being colored on by the little girl.

Even though her name was written on the animal (in the same color marker that happened to still be in her hand) when her mother asked if she wrote her name on the cat, Amielle flat out denied any and all accusations.

Regardless of the evidence, Amielle remained adorably adamant that she had nothing to do with any writing on any cat and even suggested that her older sister was the one to blame!

I can only imagine how hard it is to discipline a little girl that is so cute, but you HAVE to watch until the end of the video to see the older sister react to being blamed. Also, how chill is that cat??

Too cute.

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