Evansville Police Department posted a video on their Facebook page of Sergeant Nick Winsett discussing the recent uptick in thefts from vehicles.  He says in the last several weeks they've had thousands of dollars in items stolen from personal vehicles around Evansville.  He said the thefts are occurring at a rate of 1-2 times per week.  Although this is a lot, the good news is most of these thefts can be prevented.

The thieves seem to be targeting unlocked vehicles, so one of the best ways to protect your car from theft, is to make sure you lock your doors.  Sergeant Winsett also recommends parking under a street light, taking any valuables out of your car if possible, and if it isn't possible store the valuables in your trunk where they are out of sight.

EPD also recommends adding a 9:00 lock down to your routine.  Every night at 9:00 go check and make sure your vehicles are locked. That way you'll get into the habit of making sure your car doors are locked.


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