Lorrie Morgan is on the WBKR Night at the Opry Saturday night, so Chad and Jaclyn may get to introduce the songbird. Here's something I just discovered about her.

Lorrie Morgan enters the jingle business. And, it is an odd time to do it since jingles are supposedly on the decline in the advertising world. Lorrie and her brother, Marty, founded the firm "RedHot Jingles" three years ago. Marty had already been in the jingle business for several years.

And, this is no fly-by-night company. They have done jingles for many major companies.

Even though this story is three years old, I just learned of it. I recall Lorrie had a lot of financial problems from poor investments with her former husband, country singer Sammy Kershaw.

It appears this venture is doing great. She deserves it!

Here's Lorrie singing on one of her jingles for the National Transportation Department called "Double Nickles."





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