I am so ready for the final season of AMC's Mad Men. Not because I will be glad to see it go - never! But, because I eagerly await the finale. When we left off last season, flawed character Don Draper had taken his children to see the house of ill repute he grew up in. If you watch the show, you know this is the first time Don's been honest with his family about his past. After the finale aired, I decided I had to have all the previous seasons so I went on eBay and bought all five (less than $60.00! - Season Six is not available yet) to watch prior to the new season's debut, which is yet to be determined. So, this morning when Chad told me he saw that AMC is announcing a "companion series" to branch off from 'The Walking Dead,' I remembered I had heard there might be something like that in the works for Mad Men.

I found this at Screen Crush:

Series creator Matthew Weiner had this to say about the "completely new story" in store for Don Draper next season!

We know that AMC has all but unofficially confirmed 'Mad Men' season 7 to represent the final year for Don Draper and co., but then again, we thought the same of 'Breaking Bad' at one time as well. Still notoriously spoiler-tight as ever, 'Mad Men' creator Matthew Weiner at least opened up to TVGuide of Don Draper's journey through the final season of the series in 2014, which sounds very well like a spinoff of its own right from Sterling-Cooper & Partners:

I am a month into [writing], and all I can tell you is that it will be a completely new story and it will wrap up the end of the show. I have my very ending, and I have the pathway on the way into it. All I can say is that it's related to the era that we're in, and that it will be the next chapter in Don's life.

I know it sounds vague, but it really is. I always liked the fact that the show has, on some level, uniqueness that the consequences of people's actions are taken seriously. We never pretend like stuff doesn't happen, and that's really where we're starting. Like, can you do something that is irreparable?

At the end of last season, Don had been suspended from his job. Weiner previously confirmed that Don's suspension would stick and place him on a new path, but we're hard-pressed to imagine what the character's final journey might look like.

That might be pretty cool, a "Don Draper" show to continue the story. I wonder how many, if any,of these ladies will make the transition?

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