I had the privilege of speaking with "The Medium Next Door" Maureen Hancock Wednesday morning on the CB Radio Show and she had some interesting insights. Yes, one involves chickens.

Right away, Maureen sensed a strong woman which led her to ask about my Mom's family, focusing on my Granny Morris. She passed away a few days after Christmas in 2009. My Granddaddy passed away in 1993 when I was junior in high school. Maureen was right about the distance between their last moments on earth. Then Maureen asked about chickens. Okay, so both of my parents grew up on farms, Mom in Horse Branch, Dad in Centertown. They both had chickens, and believe me they always talked about the smell and they had to unfortunately help with dressing the chickens for food. I mentioned the story about my Dad's pet chicken Frank. Frank wasn't quite with it and I think that's why he lived a little longer. I'll have to get him to tell the story for another blog.

So back to Mom's family, Maureen asked if there was anything about a fire. Initially, nothing came to mind, but when I called my Mom later, she brought up the old Horse Branch school burned down. My aunt and uncle attended it, and eventually, a new school was built and it's still standing today. Maureen also knew one of my Mom's siblings lived away; that would be her little brother, my Uncle Rickie, who is a police detective in Springfield, Tennessee. On one summer vacation, we drove over a thousand miles to visit Uncle Rickie, his wife Kris, and his new baby boy Jim in Houston.

Maureen also asked if I was close with my grandmother. Granny babysat me before I went to school while Mom and Dad both worked. We used to walk all over downtown Beaver Dam. That question made me smile.

If you want to see Maureen Hancock in action, get your tickets for her "Postcards From Heaven" tour Friday, November 20th at 7pm at the Old National Events Plaza in Evansville!