A lot of viewers thought they caught Garth Brooks lip-syncing his hit "Ask Me How I Know" during the CMA Awards. There's a good reason for that. He did. But that's no longer a surprise. He admitted it soon after the awards were over.

Social media lit up like an angry Christmas tree when folks found out that the guy who had just taken home an unprecedented SIXTH Entertainer of the Year award had not only phoned it in but left a voice message and played it back onstage.

Garth said his voice was shot that night.

Personally, I don't care. I really don't. I could sit here until the Christmas parade next Saturday and wouldn't muster concern over it.

But I'm not Miranda Lambert and her boyfriend Anderson East. They were not pleased at all with Garth and aired their grievances. Here's what East had to say:

In the comment section of that Instagram post, Miranda jumped in and agreed and said something about just NOT singing if you can't and that it's "better to be honest than to pretend."

And they took some flak over it, too. But they were just stating their opinions and I have a feeling Garth couldn't care less.

By the way, here's what Garth said about Miranda's performance of "To Learn Her" on the show:

This was Garth right after his win and, presumably, before the East/Lambert upbraiding.

Anyway, many of the artists talked about country music as a big family Wednesday night. Seems like there's a little disharmony around the table, now.

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