I always knew that my undying love for spaghetti HAD to have some kind of impact SOMEWHERE.


No, I'm not claiming responsibility for something awesome that's about to happen in Owensboro, but there's no reason to think I haven't helped, in some small way.

According to a press release from Mizkan America--makers of Ragu and Bertolli brand pasta sauces--consumption of pasta sauce has increased nationwide, leading to a need to ratchet up production at the Owensboro plant. So, the plant will transitioning its white pasta sauce production from five-six days a week to seven effective November 1st.

Therefore, Mizkan Owensboro will be adding 30 jobs to its workforce.

These are 30 new, full-time jobs in hourly, entry-level production, maintenance, and shipping/receiving. There will also be openings for salary-exempt, supervisory positions.

For hourly jobs, a high school or higher education will be required; manufacturing maintenance experience and/or maintenance degrees for maintenance positions; and a business and/or manufacturing supervisory experience for salary-exempt jobs.

To apply, head to Mizkan.com/Corporate.aspx and click Employment Opportunites.

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