Movie Pass is currently confusing everyone with their conflicting announcements.

It seems like lately more and more people have been buzzing about Movie Pass, a monthly subscription where you can see as many movies in theaters as you want (up to one a day), for a low monthly fee. Which if you're a big movie goer, is great! It's only $10 a month and you could see potentially up to 30-31 movies if you go daily. Even if you go twice, you've already made back your money.

Well as Movie Pass is growing, it's restrictions are getting tighter, and their announcements are starting to conflict. Recently Erin Grant from our sister station WBKR brought us the news of Movie Pass getting rid of their unlimited plan, and widdling it down to just 4 movies per month.

Since April 13th Movie Pass said it was no longer offering the unlimited plan, and instead were offering 3 months for $29.95 where you'd get 4 movie passes a month, and a free trial subscription to iHeartRadio's online streaming service.

But today things changed, Movie Pass announced that they were "bringing back" the unlimited plan. Although, they said it never actually went away, they just weren't offering it, so people would purchase the special promo package. According to this article via Variety, the CEO of Movie Pass stated that if they didn't take the unlimited plan off their sites, people wouldn't have paid attention to the promotional deal going on.


So the unlimited plan is back...for now. I'm not sure about you, but this entire situation has me scratching my head.

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