Whew! I think I watched more new shows than ever this year, and this list I procured just scratches the surface of a highly viewed and highly competitive year. Streaming series were bigger than ever and they make up a huge chunk of my list, but I liked a few broadcast shows as well. Let's get to it.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Netflix)

I know, I've already sang the praises of Tina Fey's Netflix hit, but I just wanted to highly recommend it again. Ellie Kemper shines in this hilarious ensemble sitcom. I cannot wait for season 2 which will debut in spring of next year. Damnit!

Difficult People (Hulu)

If there was TV show about my life, 'Difficult People' would be an almost perfect fit. Billy Eichner, whose star continues to grow as you can see him on season 4 of his hilarious man on the street game show 'Billy on the Street' and his bestie and one of the most hilarious women on the planet Julie Klausner team up for this semi-autobiographical, snarky take on pop culture and their lives as struggling artists in New York City.

Blindspot (NBC)

While my affinity for 'The Blacklist' has faded, sorry James Spader!, 'Blindspot' has filled the void in my primetime thriller slot. Jaimie Alexander plays "Jane Doe", a mystery woman dropped into Times Square in a bag where she emerges naked and covered in tattoos she has no idea who she is, and the series is off and running. It's original and totally action-packed. The series will return from its mid-season crescendo on Monday, February 29th at 10/9c on NBC.

The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst (HBOGO/HBONOW)

This is one of two true crime entries on my list. 'The Jinx' was one of the craziest true stories I've ever seen. Honestly, that's an understatement. When the final episode aired, Robert Durst, in a moment of clarity and he didn't know his mic was on, he admitted to "killing them all". As of this writing, Durst is waiting to sign a plea deal on weapons charges in New Orleans. Durst is set to return to court in the new year.

The Man in the High Castle (Amazon)

I literally just finished this show last weekend. I had heard of Phillip K. Dick, he wrote 'Blade Runner' which was adapted into a visionary film, but I had never heard of his novel, 'The Man in the High Castle'. The premise is pretty straight-forward, what if we had lost World War II and Hitler, The Third Reich, and Japan took over the United States? We would fight back, but at what cost? It's, beautifully shot, directed, and written. It was just announced the show has been renewed for a second season, thank goodness, because there is so much more to explore. It also just earned the distinction of Amazon's most-watched original series to date.

Making a Murderer (Netflix)

I consider this one a bonus because it's brand new. 'Making a Murderer' is Netflix's first foray into true crime story-telling, and it's phenomenal. The first episode is available on YouTube. As Steven Avery says, "the truth always comes out".

There you have it, just a sampling of the best TV of 2015. All shows/episodes are available for streaming. *The first half of 'Blindspot' can be found on Hulu or NBC On Demand*.