Ever play the game "tag"? It's a kids' game - when you are It you touch someone and run like hell so they can't touch you. Do you know what it stands for? I didn't until today! I saw a meme that read, "I was today-years-old when I learned TAG means 'touch and go.'"

But, after further investigation, I found out a lot more than I needed to about the game. According to snopes, TAG was named next to the phrase "touch-and-go" as early as 1902 in a piano song. And it appears again in the poem  "A Game of Tag" which was written in 1912. The article goes on to say that there's no evidence dating back further to the word actually being an acronym but it can't really refute it either. The game is called different things in different parts of the world and in the world of competitive go-karting apparently TAG does in fact stand for "touch-and-go."

I'd like to think it was a game between a couple of ill-meaning siblings. One (probably the younger one) would pull hard on the tag on another's clothing resulting in a choking of sorts. They'd yell TAG then run like mad. This pestering went on until the older sibling said, "OH YA," and did it back to other as revenge. It caught on with other children in a much milder form of just tapping the other person. Of course, this is all completely made up bull. But, if other people can do it on the internet, why not me?!

So, if you believe in a High Power, I'd suggest adding it to your "To ask him/her when I get there," list.




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