Gotta level with you. I don't follow NASCAR near closely enough to be 100% comfortable writing about it. So our resident Kevin Harvick fan who holds down the fort in the front office is standing over my left shoulder.

NASCAR, today, announced the base NASCAR Sprint Cup rules package that it will utilize in 2016.

Included in this package are a 3.5-inch spoiler, a 0.25-inch front leading splitter edge and a 33-inch wide radiator pan...components which will provide lower downforce on the cars.

Goodyear will develop the tires that will complement them.

The success of trial employments at races earlier this season at Darlington Raceway and Kentucky Speedway was a key component in the acceleration of rules development for the coming year, according to NASCAR executive vice president Steve O'Donnell.

This lower downforce package will mean more off-throttle time for drivers and decreasing corner speeds.

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Thanks, Rox.

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