25 years ago, he was convicted of a brutal murder at in Joplin, Missouri. Now, he's being featured on season 4 of the Netflix show "I Am a Killer" revealing that his blood still runs icy cold after all this time behind bars.

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As Newsweek shared recently, Gary Black was tried and convicted of the murder of Jason O. Johnson who was killed on October 2, 1998. Johnson was stopped at a stoplight when Gary Black exited his vehicle and calmly walked to the passenger window where Jason sat and viciously stabbed him repeatedly in the neck. He believed that Johnson had tried to assault one of his prostitutes. So he killed him. To this day, Gary Black does not care.

Gary Black is part of season 4 now of "I Am a Killer" on Netflix.

Gary Black was given the death penalty, but that was changed later by the Missouri Supreme Court. He now sits in the Potosi Correctional Center in Missouri where he seems gleeful that he's costing Missouri taxpayers who pay to keep him alive.

As the Netflix show reveals, Gary Black is covered with racist tattoos and seems proud of the problems he causes the staff at Potosi Correction Center. As he says in the trailer "They don't know what to do with me here...and I don't care."

Thankfully, the Netflix show also focuses on Jason O. Johnson's family and how they have found purpose in their tragedy.

As for Gary Black, the one word that came to my mind while watching the Netflix trailer was "EVIL".

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