As you know, I love 'The Walking Dead', but it's not for everyone, especially kids. I know, I have a cousin who lets his kids watch, but they have gotten old enough by now to know what to expect. I still don't think kids younger than 13 or 14 should watch it. Forget the gory zombie kills, it's sometimes psychologically intense. One photographer took scenes from the series, and did a cosplay shoot with kids, ages 7 and under. Here you go!


I love this last one. They are just having fun and I'm sure they aren't fully aware of what exactly goes on in 'The Walking Dead'. However, "Mother Hubbard" has had to put a disclaimer on her 'Walking Dead' photo collection. Plus, she did this poll on her site.


So, what do you think? Did the photographer take it too far? Or is it just kids having a little fun?

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