A friend posted a chilling personal story to her Facebook page earlier today and if you have children and use a baby monitor, you're going to want to read this. Like most parents, Lauren was looking to get the most bang for her buck while still meeting her needs to keep an eye on her baby. Rather than buying a traditional video baby monitor, Lauren & her husband purchased an WIFI enabled IP camera from Amazon - it could do everything the expensive baby monitor could do and at a more affordable price tag. However, you cannot put a price on security.

I had recently heard how easy it was for hackers to break into IP camera feeds and even move the camera and use the two-way audio to communicate. Most of my parental decisions are fueled by anxiety, but I thought this sounded more like a horror movie plot than a reality.


IP cameras, like the one Lauren purchased can be hacked and it seems from her post to social media and the accompanying video below, that is exactly what happened. While checking on her daughter in the middle of the night, the camera was moved. Lauren is the only one in her family with access to the app to move the camera and she is seen clearly in the video when the camera pans up. Lauren hopes that her story will prove a cautionary one so that no one else is faced with this terrifying experience.

I watched the camera clearly move and tilt when I went in to soothe her. This camera does not move with motion. It requires me to move it via the app, which is on my phone. Thomas does not have this app either. My stomach went sour as I realized that someone, somewhere was watching me and my baby.


Below you can see the video where the camera moved:

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