Founded in 2011, the group seeks the public's assistance in providing essential equipment both the human officer, and the canine officer need to do their job effectively, and in some cases, stay alive when things get nasty.

According their Facebook page, "most, if not ALL, K-9 Units must pay for EVERYTHING related to their K-9 partners...That means: ALL vetting, food, grooming, training, (in some cases) re-certifications, and PROTECTIVE VESTS!"

That includes Warrick County Sheriff's Officer Jarrett Busing and his partner, Rony, a 2-year-old German Shepard who has been on the force for a year. At this time, Officer Rony has been on active duty without use of a ballistic's vest.

A friend of mine is a K9 officer for the Evansville Police Department, and I can tell you from seeing it with my own two eyes that when an officer gets a dog, it's not just an animal that tags along to work with him every day. It becomes part of the family like any other dog, cat, hamster, whatever, and the two form a strong bond over time.

Donations for Officer Rony are being taken online through Vest Indiana K9s Facebook page with a goal of $1,400. Outside of the ballistics vest, the money will also provide a "chilly vest", and a first aid and trauma kit.

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