Traditions seem to be more numerous when it comes to Christmas, more so, perhaps, than any other holiday--including Thanksgiving.

As an adult with no kids, I enjoy reminiscing about all the things my family and I did during the holiday season.

Whether it was gathering around the TV to watch Christmas specials, participating in any number of activities at church, visiting friends, mini road trips to Evansville for shopping or Christmas sightseeing, driving through Owensboro and checking out all the lights (just like today, there were always neighborhoods back THEN that would get the heaviest traffic).

Knowing my dad and knowing how much he loved to just jump up, throw us all in the car and go somewhere, visiting a Christmas Cave in Ohio (just east of Cincinnati, so it's not prohibitively far away) would have been a no-brainer.

The popular attraction is entering its fifth season at the White Gravel Mines in Minford, Ohio and, according to the White Gravel Mines website, drew nearly 40,000 visitors in 2019.

Inside the Christmas Cave, guests (the tours are self-guided--always a plus) will enjoy 16 different biblical scenes depicting historical moments about the birth of Jesus, including three different nativities.

Visitors should make sure they have room on their phones for all the pictures they'll take both inside AND outside the cave, because you can take a LOT of photos during a 45-minute tour, which is how long it usually takes.

The Christmas Cave will be open for the five weekends prior to Christmas weekend. It will not be open that weekend.

Also, COVID-19 safety protocols will be in place.

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