The Owensboro Police Department's #BuckleUpOwensboro campaign--in conjunction with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration--has added a new wrinkle.

Owensboro police have been handing out dollar bills at McDonald's--that looks like the one on West Parrish--to those coming through the drive-through lane wearing seat belts.

It's called Buckle Up for a Buck.

I love it.

According to the OPD's Facebook page, an estimated 13,941 lives were saved via the usage of seat belts.

And while almost 90 percent of American drivers use their belts, we still have close to 30 million who don't buckle up.

I can't imagine. I've been buckling up since the first day I drove a car 35 years ago. I wouldn't know what it feels like to drive or ride in a car without wearing a seat belt.

I love Buckle Up for a Buck, but I encourage EVERYONE to buckle up whether there's a buck in it for you or not!

Thanks, OPD!


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