Here's a story that will absolutely get you in the Thanksgiving spirit.  An Owensboro woman named Shawna Riley is praising the selflessness and kindness of OPD officer Philip Walling.  Early yesterday morning, Shawna's car was broken into and many valuables were stolen.  Among them . . . presents for her children and a keepsake bracelet that honored her lost son.  After taking and filing the report, Officer Walling went above and beyond the call of duty in amazing way.  Here's what happened in Shawna's own words.

Shawna Riley/Facebook
Shawna Riley/Facebook

Naturally, this story is being shared all over social media and area residents are praising Officer Walling's actions.

Tamara Bostick- This is great!  Wat to go!  Owensboro Police Department officer went above his job requirements.

Terry Mathis- Class act.  The Owensboro Police Department doesn't get enough credit.

JoAnn Lloyd-  What an awesome act of kindess!

An awesome act of kindness indeed.  An inspiring act of selflessness from a true officer and gentleman.




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