Several complaints have been called in to the Owensboro Police Department regarding suspected scams being posted to

Ads on Craigslist are leading people to believe that certain properties are being listed by Century 21 Partners.

The "representative" then directs the victim to send money via wire transfer before emailing the victim a purchase/rental agreement.

The OPD wants everyone to understand that Century 21 Partners here in Owensboro does NOT place ads with Craigslist. They just don't do it.

This is another on a list of scams that have recently plague Owensboro such as IRS phone scams warning that you owe money or phone scams that tell you a relative has been arrested and they need money for bail.

There have also been Facebook and Publisher's Clearinghouse scams that try to convince to send in money in order to claim a phony prize they've won.

Owensboro police warn against ever providing personal information or sending money to anyone without verification of the person's identity on the other end of the phone.