I've seen this play out before. And I'm not talking in recent years. I remember when I was very young going out dressed as a Hot Wheel driver one year and it was raining like you wouldn't believe.

I remember it as well as I do because I was tired of the inside of my mask (it was a pullover mask with a window to see through like a race car driver's helmet) steaming up from the rain and me being unable to see.

So keep that in mind Thursday--Halloween--when you send the kids out.

Of course, this time around, it will be rainy and COLD.

Those forecasts from last week predicting highs in the 40s have gone by the wayside, but the National Weather Service is still saying a high of 53 with rain and possibly a thunderstorm.

halloween forcast

And the low Thursday night is expected to be in the upper 20s. That's gotta be the coldest temp we've hit since early last spring, right?

But yeah, it's another cold and damp Halloween for Owensboro and the tri-state.

It makes for a very spooky night, certainly, but cold AND rainy?


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