Sam Ray, of Owensboro, is no stranger to rescuing animals especially the ones some of us wouldn't go near.  She recently came into contact with a momma possum and her babies through a post on Facebook and leaped to the rescue to help.

Sam told me she was hanging out on Friday night and got a notification that she had been tagged on Facebook in a post.  She went to look and found that someone in town had found a momma opossum and her nine tiny babies in their garage.  This woman was not too excited about it and wanted to have them removed as quickly as possible.

Sam got in her car and drove over to their house.  The family already had a plastic tote ready for them to be transferred into.  They loaded them up and off they went to the country with Sam.

Once they were safe at her home she got them out to check on them (note: she is not a wildlife expert).  When momma began to move around Sam noticed she would not put any weight on one foot.

Since opossums are prey to many other animals in the wild she couldn't just send her and her babies into nature.

She contacted her friend Nikki Christian who has a rescue of her own.  Nikki checked the family and returned them to Sam who released them back into the woods last night.

Sam wanted me to share this;

I’ve gotten to, at least partially, understand opossums and their nature. I know that they’re really sweet animals who are greatly misunderstood. They do lots of good for us (tick control especially) and it’s extremely rare for them to have rabies. Opossums aren’t going to attack you, your children, or your full-grown animals. Heck, they eat cat food on our porch with our cats. Yes, they hiss and growl, but that’s because they’re scared.

Here are some sweet pictures and a video of the opossum family;

Family Rescues Mother Opossum & Her Eight Babies

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