Ah, donuts! I don't know anyone who doesn't like them. And most people I know who do like them agree that the best ones are not attached to national name brands.

That's certainly how I feel.

The best donuts I've ever had have always been made locally.

So it was nice to find a list of the best donut shops in all of Kentucky. I gotta tell ya, as valuable pieces of road trip information go, this is a good one.

Let's say your traveling through Kentucky and you happen to be in, say, Madisonville, well this list lets you know that Golden Glaze is the place to be for a top ten donut.

And if you're in Bowling Green, there's The Donut Shop. And I can vouch for that one. It's been there a while. I've been there, too. Superb.

And look who resides in the TOP FIVE. Our very own Rolling Pin Bakery over on 18th Street.

It absolutely should be on this list. You know, when I was a little kid, my grandfather would get donuts from Rolling Pin and bring them by the house after church on Sunday nights.

Loved 'em.

And I love that they are RIGHTLY in this list's top five.