There's no telling how many people I've trained over the last 30-odd years that I've been on the air.

One such individual sent an audition tape into our former program director, Chuck Urban, back in the early 1990s. I want to say 1992/1993. Somewhere in there.

His name was (and is) Steve Young and Chuck wanted him on the air; "liquid gold" is the term I believe he used, referencing his voice.

I did and do agree with that. Steve trained for a week and while he had the pipes a professional announcer dreams of, the mechanical end of the on-air thing wasn't panning out and Steve went on his way.

That's a fun story Steve and I talk about whenever we get a chance to chat. But those chances don't happen very often since Steve has become a pretty busy actor.

His IMDB page lists a handful of movies but he's lent his voice to myriad commercials and, in fact, will be shooting a new one in east Tennessee as his next project.

You probably also saw Steve in videos by Tim McGraw and The Eli Young Band, not to mention the Christmas movie Christmas Manger which aired on Pure Flicks and is available on Amazon Prime.

But soon you'll be able to see Steve featured in a new film on Amazon Video Direct called The Wanderer.

In the new western--shot last fall in an Indiana state park just north of Louisville--he plays a trapper named Rank who offers sage advice and direction to two "wanderers" who happen upon his camp.

The trailer describes the film as "redefining a classic genre" and will be available on Amazon Video Direct.

By the way, expect to see more of Steve Young in the near future. As soon as is possible, filming will begin on a new movie called Royal Flush. It will be shot in New Mexico but had to be put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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