Just when you thought 'Parks and Recreation' had found its holy grail of political guests stars in Vice President Joe Biden (still holding out for Hillary Clinton), the impending season 6 finale has really upped the ante. First Lady Michelle Obama will appear in the season 6 closer this coming April, but should we expect a Pawnee visit, or a return trip to Washington D.C.?

Neither! According to the Hollywood Reporter, Obama's cameo take place in the hourlong April 24 finale "Moving Up," which was filmed in late February in Miami, where Obama celebrated investments in healthier out-of-school programs as part of the Let's Move initiative, which is dedicated to solving childhood obesity. Whether the cameo will be set in Pawnee, or if something brought Leslie down south remains to be seen.

Earlier today, 'Parks and Recreation' showrunner Mike Schur spoke to Entertainment Weekly of the impending finale, which like most 'Parks' closers, had been designed with a potential series finale in mind, though the early renewal guarantee elicited a few minor changes:

We had broken the story for the finale and we didn’t know whether it was a season finale or a series finale. Once we found out we were coming back for next season, we made a few changes. We probably worked in more cliffhangers than we would have and we altered a couple of things, but 95 percent of it is the exact story we had already broken. This arc that starts after the Olympics has a natural ending. We didn’t change anything about the way we ended Leslie’s year. Very big moves happen in the second half of the season, all throughout. We didn’t suddenly reverse course and go, ‘We gotta slow down.’

While Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler)'s icon remains Hillary Clinton, a cameo that Schur has previously suggested to be reserved for a series finale, the series has also featured politicians the likes of Biden, Arizona Senator John McCain, California Senator Barbara Boxer and former Maine Senator Olympia Snowe.

'Parks' will return from its Olympics hiatus later tonight, but what do you think? Will Leslie Knope explode at the prospect of meeting Michelle Obama? Who would you want to see drop by 'Parks and Recreation' either this season, or the next? Check out a new preview, and tell us in the comments!

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