Who likes snow? Okay...who would like up to 18 inches of it in early September, accompanied by sub-zero temperatures?

Ah...I thought so. Well, if you're reading this and you're in the tri-state, that WON'T be a concern. If you have friends or family or both in the mountains of Colorado, Wyoming, or New Mexico (like I do), give them a call and track the progress of a monster early-season snowstorm that's going to blanket regions of the west with a LOT of the white stuff.

Hey, maybe you know someone in western Nebraska. If so, give THEM a call for a shout on Facebook and see how they're preparing for a 60-plus drop in temperatures from Saturday afternoon to Tuesday night.

Isn't that crazy? Seriously, 105 on Saturday. Low 40s Tuesday night. And western Nebraska is nothing but plains and grasslands--nothing to stop bitter cold winds from sweeping across and smacking you right in the face.

I doubt we've ever had a more than 60-degree swing in temperatures in such a short period of time here in Kentucky. I don't think our climate is such that that CAN happen, but I'll check with Eyewitness News Chief Meteorologist Wayne Hart when I chat with him tomorrow.

Speaking of our climate, when I learned what was happening out west this week, I checked to see if it would be moving eastward and bring us much cooler highs than we expect here in early September.


So, according to current the Eyewitness News 7-day outlook, the answer is no. But I still like those low 80s. I was thinking that IF we were to be affected by this system that's putting the west in the deep freeze, we might see highs in the upper 60s or lower 70s, which would be amazing. But, it just looks like we'll get normal highs--and the kind with which I cannot argue.

Anyway, enjoy the weather that IS to come, because it does look nice. Meantime, I'll call some family members I have out in the New Mexico Rockies and see if they've already scrambled to get the heavy coats out of the closet.

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