Photo Credit: kalbers

I love Christmas cards!  I love reading Christmas letters! I love getting updated photos of every one’s kids!  I also love sending out our family’s Christmas cards. I love showing off our shining faces and telling our funny stories!  I even love handwriting all the addresses in fancy cursive writing!  Joy to the World!

Well, I don’t know where December has gone this year, but it’s Christmas Eve, and we haven’t sent out the Christmas cards yet.  We took the family photo, and I even doctored it up with “Merry Christmas from the Albers!” but I never uploaded it to be printed.  My husband wrote the annual Christmas letter, and I spent two hours rewriting, uh, I mean, editing it, but we never hooked up the printer to print it.  The addresses are not updated, the stamps were not purchased, and so no one has opened their mailboxes to find Christmas cheer from our family.  There are so many new distractions this year (namely a third baby, two new part time jobs for my husband, and extra holiday travel) it has been hard to get anything done.  Besides, don’t I pretty much keep up with everyone on facebook?  Will the world stop turning if we don’t put out a Christmas card this year?

“Great is the Lord and most worthy of praise; his greatness no one can fathom. One generation commends your works to another; they tell of your mighty acts.  They speak of the glorious splendor of your majesty— and I will meditate on your wonderful works.  They tell of the power of your awesome works— and I will proclaim your great deeds.  They celebrate your abundant goodness and joyfully sing of your righteousness.”  Psalm 145:3-7 (NIV)

It is our job, as God’s creation to praise Him every day.  So, next week I will edit that photo from “Merry Christmas” to “Blessed New Year” and I will mail those cards, because it is important that we talk about the great things that God is doing in all of our lives.  We mustn’t ever be too busy to praise His Holy Name!

Merry Christmas!!