Our friends at Puzzle Pieces have announced exciting plans for a brand new facility.  The Puzzle Pieces Campus will be located at 2401 New Hartford Road (the former Atmos Energy building) and will house all of Puzzle Pieces' programs in a centralized location.

The brand new Puzzle Pieces Campus will house the following programs: The Social and Community Program (Puzzle Pieces on Frederica Street) and the Adult Vocation Training Program (formerly Center Piece behind Towne Square Mall).


The new facility will also feature Puzzle Pieces' new initiative- The Owen Autism Center, which will have an inclusive daycare for clients 18 months and 5 years old.   Plus, the center will house inclusive after-school, summer and college programs for ages 6 to 12th-grade for those with Autism.

The new facility will allow Puzzle Pieces to expand its services to 200 clients.

The move into the new facility will be relatively swift.  Puzzle Pieces will officially begin operation at the new Puzzle Pieces Campus on November 11th. Center Piece will begin operations there October 7th. The Owen Autism Center is expected to open in the Spring of 2020.

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