One Warrick county driver has a citation coming in the mail.


As I'm sure you are aware, when you're driving and you see the bright red octagon that says "STOP" it means you should stop. This includes when the sign is sticking out from the side of a bus. It is ILLEGAL to run that, just as it's illegal to run a stop sign on the road.

Sometimes kids coming off the bus will cross in front of it and cross the street, that stop sign is there so all traffic stops to keep the kids safe.  Today Indiana State Police Sargent Todd Ringle shared that you may be cited even if you don't get pulled over.

Apparently a car in Warrick county ran the stop arm of a school bus. Thankfully the driver got the plate number and details of the car. That driver has a citation on their way in the mail.

So this is your reminder, it is ILLEGAL to run a stop sign.

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