So much of what we do today circles around social media. That makes it the perfect place for scammers to try to get a hold of your money. I’ll give it two them, they are very creative. But, the bottom line it they are trying to steal from you.

While on Instagram, over the weekend, I noticed that someone liked the pic I posted that I hadn’t seen react before to my posts. Most of my followers are family, friends, and my radio listeners. So, when I see a profile pic I haven’t seen before, I’m always curious. When I saw @stocklas52, I went to his page and found, that looks like a scam.

Ryan and I talked about this on the air today. So many red flags are flying in these posts. See what your think.

Lottery Winner Instagram Scam

Turns out there really IS a James Stocklas who won the Florida Power Ball lottery. I decided to reach out to him and let him know that I believe a scammer is using his name, and notoriety, to scam people on Instagram.

I have yet to hear from him. But, he IS a multimillionaire, so I’m sure he has people reaching out to all the time. I didn’t expect him to reply. Hopefully, he will see my message.

If he DOES reply, I hope he says that he really IS giving some of his money away. I hope it's legit and his way of passing his luck and good fortune to others. But, just in case it's not, I wanted to share it with you.

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