Burgers are kind of a subjective topic. It's like the old saying "one man's trash is another man's treasure". However, there seems to be at least some agreement on where the world's best burger is and, if correct, resides in a small Illinois town in a place called The Moonshine Store.

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A couple months ago, we shared video of what some said was the best burger in Illinois. That certainly looked epic, but now there's a new contender that isn't new at all. Only In Your State just highlighted The Moonshine Store and their Moonshine Burger. Just look at how many patties they fit between those buns.

This burger is so famous it even got the attention of CBS Sunday Morning national show a few years ago.

As I said, getting people to agree on burger quality is a tall order, yet there are multiple people that have slapped the label "World's Greatest Burger" on the Moonshine.

My understanding is that many biker groups will travel to Martinsville, Illinois to The Moonshine Store just to be on the receiving end of these massive burgers.

You'll never see this on a ballot, but it does seem like we can really say that the best burger in the world is in a small town in Illinois and it's called Moonshine. It's only around 4 hours away from Quincy, so if you want to up your burger game, perhaps it's time for a road trip.

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