Andrea Dant Widmer is very familiar with this issue.   Because it once punched her right in the heart.  A couple of years ago, Andrea was surfing Facebook and came across a photo of a fatal car accident.  She knew that car.  It was her son's.  And she knew, by looking at the photo and seeing a caption that mentioned the "coroner" that Taylor had been killed.  Yes.  She learned about her son's death from Facebook.  And those memories came flooding back this week when photos of another fatal accident were shared on social media.  And now, Andrea is urging people to rally and do something about it.


Andrea Widmer's Facebook post:

Warning...long read
I want someone to put a law into place making it illegal for the news to include pictures of the cars involved in accidents. I understand that it is public reporting. I understand the story needs to be told but WHY is a picture necessary? why is it necessary to show the devastation of a vehicle to enhance a story? You don't have a clue what that does to the families that are left to pick up the pieces of their broken lives...the pictures that they are subject to only can lead their minds and imaginations down a path of visualization of their loved ones final moments.....You may or may not know, i first learned of Taylor Widmer's accident after seeing a picture ON FACEBOOK of a white car upside down in a corn field...with the chilling words underneath..Coroner has been called to the scene of a one car accident.....I knew immediately it was his was confirmed to me 30 minutes later....THIRTY MINUTES LATER PEOPLE...but i already knew bc someone posted a picture....i am here to tell you that that i have NEVER gone to the accident site....i NEVER saw his car afterwards but i will ALWAYS live with that picture and that tag line in my head forever and ever....i have pictured those final seconds of my precious son's physical existence over and over in my mind...we don't know what caused the accident...i don't know anything other than the scenario my mind paints based off that one picture and tag line..... the news station that posted the picture and headline did take the picture off and called me and apologized profusely...but the damage was done. I hold no ill will towards them, but maybe if we do something about it maybe we can save some other mommy from having to relive her baby's last is hard enough to deal with the what ifs, the whys and the how comes....i have seen the picture of the car involved in the accident from yesterday posted and reposted and it just isnt necessary, precious lives were lost...sweet babies were left behind to live with out their mommy or their daddy....isn't that enough of a story to be told....

What do YOU think?  Do you agree with Andrea that a law should be passed to prohibit news agencies from posting photos of fatal traffic accidents. . . especially in instances in which the family has yet to be notified?