It's really amazing to me HOW people can be dishonest. I'm no longer surprised THAT people are dishonest. But something happened not too long ago I really didn't see coming.

I was in line to get my car washed at one of those auto-washes.

There was a car ahead of me getting washed.

While that car was getting washed, I went ahead and put my card in and paid for my wash. Well, as I was sitting there waiting, I got the notification that the wash was free since the car in front of me had already been washed.

Except the wash WASN'T free because the car in front of me did not move.

For whatever reasons, the guy driving that car stayed right there and got his washed again on MY DIME!

Since there is no earthly reason for anyone to get a SECOND car wash in a row, HIS only reason had to have been that he's just a jerk and...a few other things I can't say here.

I guess I should have been more vigilant, but, again, I never would've seen something like that coming.

So the lesson here is to WAIT until the person ahead of you is completely finished and pulls out before you pay for yours.


(EDITOR'S NOTE: Previous image used was a generic one NOT taken at business in question. And the business in question bears absolutely NO responsibility for what happened.)