A website recently listed the most unusual town in each state, and the town they chose in Indiana is right here in the Evansville area.

When you think of Indiana, most people think of the bigger cities like Indianapolis, Ft. Wayne, and Evansville. However, there are so many smaller towns scattered throughout the state, each with its own unique characteristics. If you're like me, you come from one of those small towns. However, only one of those towns has been named the "most unusual" in the state.

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Recently, the website alothealth.com, took a look at the most unusual towns in every state. What made these towns "unusual"? Alothealth.com says:

These places hold stories, traditions, and monuments that are sometimes a little off the beaten path--not many of these places are at the top of vacation bucket lists. But that doesn’t mean they’re not worth a visit! They all contribute, in their own small way, to the long, sometimes bizarre story of the United States.

Most Unusual Town in Indiana

The town named the "most unusual" in Indiana is one that we here in southern Indiana have visited so many times throughout the summer and even during the holidays. It's one of the "jolliest" towns in Indiana. If you haven't guessed by the subtle hints I just gave you, the "most unusual" town in Indiana is Santa Claus.

Here's what alothealth.com had to say about Indiana's "most unusual town":

<p>Santa Claus is not just the man who brings you presents — it’s a town in Indiana too! Founded in 1856, Santa Claus was initially called 'Santa Fe' like the city in New Mexico - except Indiana already had one of those. What better way to distinguish yourself than to name your town after an iconic figure of generosity?</p><p>Since then, Christmas-themed attractions have been popping up all over the small town to honor Old Saint Nick. If you’re looking for an extra dose of holiday spirit, this Midwestern paradise could be just the ticket. Just don't forget that no matter how dedicated a fan you are of all things Santa Claus, it doesn’t give you a license to skip out on your yearly taxes!</p>

Of course, you know that the biggest attraction in the town is Holiday World and Splashin' Safari. There's no shortage of fun there!

While Santa Claus, Indiana might be the "most unusual" town in the state, it's unusual in all of the best ways. You can see what other towns were named the "most unusual" in their state by clicking here.

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For more things to do, visit the Santa Claus, Indiana Visitors Bureau website.

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