My fascination with all things in the sky just keeps getting stronger. Before I started wring articles about them, I was always reading information and watching videos abut them. Now, theTristate sends me photos and videos and I can't get enough.

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I was recently sent a message and video on Facebook. The video shows a very strange, single light in the sky. What's so intriguing is that because of the way it moves, it's obviously NOT a plane, or satellite.

Here is what Janetta said about what she saw and the night she saw it.

This was taken on November 19 at 5:40 pm…wasn’t sure if you could see that on the video. I let my dogs out and seen this weird light moving in the sky. I was looking south, which is where the video starts. It was traveling North. Pretty quickly too. My husband and I both got our phones out to start recording because the light wasn’t blinking like a plane or helicopter. It was as high as the stars but brighter and moving at a high rate of speed. When it got a little more north of my house it started moving in an odd way. I live on the northeast side of Evansville (Morgan and Weinbach area). I’ve always been on the fence about the whole UFO thing but this might’ve swayed me a little.  seeing it in person was a whole lot better…it was going so fast!

Take a look at what she saw in the sky.

If you are asking yourself about the movement of the light, is it her moving or the light moving. She said the light was hard to keep up with. The light moved so fast that she would lose it on her screen and then have to move quickly to get it back into the video shot.

The only thing that I think it might be is a drone. My husband agreed. I really have no idea though about what the light really is. Do you have a theory?

More videos of strange lights seen in the Indiana skies, that are NOT SpaceX satellites. Those lights are multiple lights in a line, moving together.

These are videos taken of strange lights near Louisville.


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