Every Fantasy Lover's Dream

Growing up, I absolutely loved to get lost in stories, whether that meant books or on a screen. I would stay up late, without my parents knowing of course, devouring book after book, and immersing myself in a new world whenever I got the chance.

Those who reserve a special place for fantasy stories know how involved those worlds can become with unique characters and beautiful scenery that seem impossible for the real world. As a longtime Harry Potter fan, my inner child still checks the mailbox with the hope that my letter to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Any fantasy lover regardless of the fandom dreams of bringing their fictional dreams to life.

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Not Your Average Wardrobe

Fans of the popular The Chronicles of Narnia series know the astounding magic that a seemingly normal piece of furniture can hold. For those unfamiliar with the plot, IMDB summarizes it as:

"Four kids travel through a wardrobe to the land of Narnia and learn of their destiny to free it with the guidance of a mystical lion."


A wise lion, a kingdom to save, and an entire magical world all behind the door of an old wooden wardrobe. Could you imagine?

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"Real Life" Narnia in Tennessee

One family in Tennessee brought the magic of Narnia to life in their very own home. What appears to be a normal wardrobe opens up to a hidden doorway. When the doorway is opened, you will be amazed by what's inside!

As if straight out of a movie, the ornate wooden doors open up to a grand room full of endless shelves of books and high cathedral ceilings. A cozy fireplace and the warm glow from the chandelier and wall scones only add to the awe-inspiring appeal of this stunning room. There's no need for a lion or a witch to make this wardrobe a Narnia fan's dream come true.

This 7K Square Foot Vintage Shop In Tennessee Is A MCM Lover's Dream Come True

Dashwood Vintage and Flora is 7k square feet of vintage furniture and decor sure to wow any mid-century modern lover.

These Tennessee Stop Signs Are Epic

If you ever find yourself in the Buchanan, Tennessee area, be on the lookout for these stop signs. Who knows, there could be even more out there that we haven't seen.

Could This $50 Million Nashville Estate Be the Most Expensive Home in Tennessee History?

Owned by the richest person in Tennessee, Tom Frist Jr, this Belle Meade estate in Nashville is on the market for a cool $50 million. Richie Rich would be jealous...AND in need of a golf cart just for trips to the bathroom, of which there are TEN, all tolled, of varying sizes. This magnificent spread also features five bedrooms. (Also...I'm getting serious "Clue" vibes from this place.)

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