Ok, I know it's not even close to Thanksgiving yet, but I am all about Christmas and decorating. And there are some enchanting and fun places to visit to get your holiday fix.

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If you are like me and Clark Griswald your house every Christmas well welcome to the club. However, if you just like going and looking around towns to see how they celebrate and decorate well you're in luck there are some fantastic places to visit this season.

According to onlyinyourstate.com, Illinois has some of the best places to visit for Christmas, and some really close to the Tri-States.


Galena makes the list (no surprise) for their old-fashioned Christmas events and decor. I really need to travel to Galena I've never been there. Just going walking around the town is worth the drive then you have shopping on top of that. What's not to love?


Another town making the list is Naperville. We talk about Naperville a lot and how it's always on the best places to live in Illinois list, but it's true. There is so much to do during the holiday season, trolly rides, house walks to see all the decorated houses, holiday markets, and more.


No, not THAT Woodstock. This town may sound familiar, it's where the movie Groundhog Day was filmed, but it also brings a ton of events during the holiday season. Take in the Christmas Parade, have milk and cookies with Santa, and carriage rides throughout downtown. Sounds like a Hallmark Christmas movie to me.


Ok, so Quincy is not on the official list of places to visit according to the website, but I think it should be. Quincy offers so much during the holidays with several craft shows, Festival of Lights, Light up the Park in Downtown Quincy, get local shops, and meet Santa at the Quincy Town Center. It definitely deserves to be on a list of holiday places to visit.

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